Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Perfect Job in Maine

A couple days ago my dream came true. I was offered, and eagerly accepted, the position in Maine of the Appalachian ridge runner for the Maine Appalachian Trail Club.

Starting in Mid May, I'll live and work on the AT and will be there until the end of September or early October. Stay tuned. This blog and my other one, http://thefemalesurvivalist.blogspot.com with be updated as often as possible. Unlike my current job in remote Montana, writing about my daily life and experiences will be allowed.

Many thanks to all my friends and family, supervisors and  readership who helped to inspire me along the way. The competition was stiff. The vetting was thorough. I'll do my utmost to make to make the MATC proud they chose me.

I know it's not the kind of job everyone might consider perfect. There will be storms, cold and wind, black flies and mosquitoes. I'll eat my own cooking, from an ultralight soda can stove, and sleep in a tent most of the time (except on my days off when I'll explore the coast and who knows, maybe hike alternate trails!)

Once an ultralighter, always an ultralighter.

 Before I head to Maine, I'll be hiking on the CDT, starting at the Mexican border, working my way to at least Pie town. Good news. There is now a shuttle to the remote Crazy Cook southern terminus:

Announcing CDT Southern Terminus Shuttle
Dear Interested Thru hikers, Section Hikers and CDT Supporters,

Attached is the information sheet on the CDT Southern Terminus Shuttle.  We will begin taking reservations on Thursday, February 27 at 9:00 a.m. MST.  We encourage you to select one preferred date and a second alternative date in the event that your first choice is already filled.  We will do our best to accommodate groups and will work with you to support making this happen.  We also wish to inform you that CDTC will be moving operations to Silver City, NM between April 6- May 9, 2013 in order to better support the shuttle service and the big push of thru hikers and section hikers.  

Please take a moment to review all of the information included in this info sheet prior to making your reservation.  
Teresa Ana Martinez 
DirectorContinental Divide Trail Coalition
Board Member, Partnership for the National Trails System
Cell: 540-449-4506 / Fax: 303-838-2949
Connecting people to the Trail, each other, and the land.


  1. Oh, my goodness, Brawny, that IS a dream job!!! I'm so jealous! Wish I were hiking the AT in Maine so I could hopefully run into you!

    I'm going to be biking across the country, VA to OR, starting early June. Bucket-list item :-)

  2. Well, Biking across the country is awesome, Ellie! Post pictures, send me a guest post or something. I hope to keep this blog going. Right now I'm at a sort of Secret location which doesn't allow photos or press....
    very awesome!

  3. Your adventures always thrill me. I've been remiss in following everything -- kind of cutting down on internet time. Right now I happen to be re-reading your True Trail Stories. Just "started" the JMT. You're still my gear-and-technique guru. I haven't achieved your pack weights but I'm constantly evaluating what's essential and what's not.

  4. Thanks Ellie, your comments encourage me to keep posting. I've been working at a very private ranch in Montana which forbid revelation of any aspect, so now that I'm on my 6 week hiking tour before the Ridgerunner job, I hope to catch up.

  5. I just found this post and am happy that you are looking forward to working with us this year. I just saw some of our photos in NM and its hard to imagine a landscape that contrasts more with what you'll find at Gulf Hagas. Still wet and cold here - lots of snow on the ground. Spring in Maine is no fun at all. We are looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks.

  6. The last four days I've been camping in Illinois, 4 days of rain and cold. Good training, no doubt for the upcoming adventure. Thanks for the comment, Dan. Can't wait to start working with you.