Thursday, February 13, 2014

Update From Montana Boonies

Sorry for such a time lapse between postings. Bottom line, I live on a private ranch that has a secrecy policy that I have sworn to uphold. Not sure if saying that violates the secrecy, but that's the current situation.
Come April, I'll be on the trail and updating more hiking adventures. New Mexico's CDT is on the agenda. I have the maps and gear, looking forward to serious sunshine. 

Today I loaded up my camo fanny pack with bear spray, water bottles, camera, binoculars, wallet and drivers's license. I can't ski on location. Its fenced and off limits to employees. No problem. After a short whiteout wind squall, I hopped in the Geo and headed down 89 South towards Yellowstone Park. 

Right after mile marker 38, there's a turn off to Mill Creek. Head down that road 6 miles to get National Forest Land fees.
I had been doubting there would be enough snow, but once I hit the back road, sure enough, higher elevations gave me enough pack to go for it. I had thought there would be a trail. Not so. I skied back a couple miles, but cabins and posted land bordered the road. I stayed on the snow packed road, loving the gorgeous scenery. It fed my soul.

Along the ditch I saw this sole remnant of a deer. The end has been chewed, probably coyote or wolf. Can't tell what the deer died of. I buried it in the snow and headed on. 

Mill Creek is a tributary of Yellowstone River. It is amazing. A few trucks and cars passed me while I skied. All  waved.

Self portrait heading back in the afternoon. I always wear a long fleece scarf because it has so many options for breaking wind on neck and face.

Happy Trails. May all your adventures feed your soul!

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  1. Looks like a beautiful day to get outside. So glad the snow here is gone. It pretty much shuts everything down around here. Glad what ever ate the deer was not hanging around for more food!