Friday, April 18, 2014

Doc Campbell's on the CDT

Up here in the Gila Wilderness/ National Forest, things are warm and beautiful, but very dry. The Gila River along the west fork is running well, but the middle fork is dust.

At night, its cold and I'm second guessing this 15 degree synthetic bag I have. My friend has a bivy set up and is freezing his a$$ off. So, I lent him a blanket.

At Doc's you can get Internet, although there is no electric to recharge stuff. He sells all sorts of stuff, including sandwiches and home made ice cream.

I liked this fruit leather, but for the packaging and calories, a snicker's bar is more to my liking.  I bought 4 apples at Doc's for 10 cents each. They are locally grown and not sprayed. 

Trail life can be very liberating if you can get your life off the grid.Its really crazy when folks text and call but there is no power or cell service.

Hello to all my friends around the world!

Happy trails.

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