Thursday, May 1, 2014

Heading into the Rain

Last night I met a young man hiking from Chicago to Denver, via the northern route of the Discovery Trail. We were both camping at Starved Rock State Park. Its quite a bit different than New Mexico where rain is the exception. The last four days camping in Illinois's famous park seem to prove its the rule.

We chatted quite some time. He stood barefooted on the grass, a simple sweater over a white t-shirt. He'd come 60 miles so far on his journey of a thousand miles.

View from inside French Canyon

Boardwalks and stairs are built to protect the fragile landscape comprised of limestone, sandstone and poison ivy.

Everything is so green already. It rained the entire time I camped there. Campsites are 25 bucks each, tent or trailer, doesn't matter. Electric is available at all the sites and the bath house has two showers.

The sets of stairs and many miles of trails provided a great work out.

Starved Rock is nestled right beside the Rock River. Starved_Rock_State_Park is full of legends and Native American History.

I shared one of my favorite axiom's with my new hiker friend, who has never backpacked before beginning his momentous journey: Never Quit in the Rain.
This morning as I packed up and headed out, I saw his little orange tent was still there.

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