Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sun Tea on the Road

In one week I'll be off the grid and enjoying the Perfect Job. I'm slowly making my way east, visiting family, seeing all the "Old Places" from my childhood. The Geo is working great and at 45 mpg, I can only be proud of my ride.

Parked in the lot by one of five lakes in Madison, Wisconsin, the Geo has lot 2 hub caps along the way, suffered some scratches and a few tape jobs. I still love it. 

This wine jug makes great sun tea. Fill with water, tuck two or three tea bags and set in the bright sunshine. As sugar and lemon wedges when the beverage is ready.

This tea is still working.

The Indian Trails used to have four distinct paths along Lake Menona when I was growing up. Now, only one path threads its way. Seemed much longer too, when I was only ten,  and much wilder.

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