Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Down and Dirty at Horns Pond Mixer

From left to right, Ian, caretaker at Horns Pond, Dan, Care committee Chairman, and me, Brawny, getting ready to mix a load of human feces with wood chips, so it can be put in the composting bin and "cook" to a germ killing heat.

After Dan starts the rototiller, I blend the ingredients. Ian has been well trained in this procedure, and supervises to insure the correct texture is achieve. We all wear "haz-mat" suit, because in the end, we do have Sh** smeared on it. Talk about Contaminated!

Here Grace, caretaker at Piazza Rock, shovels from beneath one of the privies. It was quite fresh and ripe. The odor was outstanding.....yikes!

Below you can see the freshest batch of human waste. Each privy door can be locked to prevent a bin from becoming overfull. 

I am quite fortunate. At the Gulf Hagas, I do not have to manage a composting privy. North Maine Woods does the two located there at the parking lots.

To see the video of this process, check out my Youtube channel or my other blog,

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