Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Light Situation

Here in the Gulf, I'm learning a lot about base camp lighting in an off grid situation.

The reflector sheet is actually an emergency blanket tucked around my two burner propane stove. It seems to really help and the warmth it generates is remarkable. I can really tell the difference when some of the panels are zipped shut on the vestibule. Of course, my candles are short and in no way damage the tent.

This base campfire is about 12 inches in diameter. Take a look on my YouTube channel for more details. For some reason, embedding those videos here seem to crop them.

Far in the upper left hand corner, you can see two yard lights, each with a solar panel designed for recharging the batteries, embedded on top. Recently purchased in an effort to provide a bit of light during the long dark nights, each one emits one lumen of light. Its actually enough. However, sometimes during the day, its so dim at my base camp, the lights go on and wear down the battery. I found I must carry them to the river to recharge the batteries. But for a total of $9.47 (including tax) I feel its a decent deal.

This base camp has proved to be very comfortable and weather proof. So far no mice. I credit that blessing to keeping a meticulously clean camp, sweeping my vestibule and washing my tent floor often, never eating in bed, keeping all foods in plastic bags, then sealed in solid containers with tight fitting lids.
When ever I return from a ridgerun or days off, I check all my gear, clothes, bedding, and kitchen compartents for new critters that may have birthed in my absence. Keep your fingers crossed for me.....
A previous ridgerunner reported mice had set up housekeeping in his stove. That would really piss me off!

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