Saturday, November 8, 2014

New Passions

Sorry its been so long since I posted.
After driving from Maine by way of Chicago, avoiding all tollways and thoroughly enjoying the trip, I headed back home to Idaho.

Then, the next day, I attended my first Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue meeting. Held every Tuesday evening, this general meeting allows people to join, ask questions and listen to debriefings by specialty teams, including the K-9, Technical, Logistics and Man-trackers.

After putting in an application for full membership, one goes through the SAR Academy, three sessions totaling 10 hours of instruction. A pack check is required so that if called on a mission, they know you have all the gear to be self-sufficient for twenty four hours.

I passed the test. Its not necessarily an Ultralighter's dream, but I'm well equipped for nearly anything I might encounter. My survivalist skills may come into play. I'm sure to learn from the highly skilled team members as well.

Hopefully, I'll be on missions and training all  winter, eventually completing Winter certification.This is a highly skilled organization. It works with authorities to find and rescue anyone, and charges no fees. Donations and fund raisers provide the necessary capital.

I'll post my 24 hours pack list next week. See how much of it you carry on your outdoor adventures. The 48 hour pack list adds a few more items, and the 72-hour Search and Rescue pack basically just adds more food to be mission ready. Stay tuned for a full list.

Meanwhile, I'm working through the second draft of my non-fictional book: Of Moose and Men-Ridgerunning in Maine's Hundred Mile Wilderness. Also I'm shopping for a motor home to use as my base camp. See my other blog:// to read the rant and warning about buying from online scammers.


  1. This is an excellent new direction for you. Hopefully, I won't be drumming up any business for SAR. I came close on Labor Day weekend, when I rolled my ankle. Thankfully I was able to hike out 11 miles to a road.

    1. Thanks Ron, I think you're right. Hiking eleven miles on a injured ankle must have been painful. Glad you were able to get out.