Sunday, November 9, 2014

Search and Rescue Basic Pack

On my person is:
appropriate footwear (solid boots)
a watch (yes, cell phones don't count, sometimes there's no service or the battery dies)
pen and paper, for copious notes on subject and search area
layered clothing including official Orange shirt

My Lightning 50 forms the base of my system. The inner pouch and extra straps have been removed to keep the system light and tight.

In the pack, as required by the unit:

whistle, compass, mirror, 
rain jacket and pants
layered clothing as weather dictates
tarp, bivy sack
2 liters of water
enough no-cook food for 24 hours, at least 2,000 calories
50 feet flagging tape (for marking areas)
25 feet rope
sleeping pad
jack knife
two independent light sources, with spare batteries for at least 8 hours
metal cup and spoon
first aid kit consisting of ace bandage, gauze, bandages, neosporin, mole skin, scissors, tape, 
sunscreen, chapstick, sunglasses, pain reliever
medications you use
personal hygiene (toilet paper, hand sanitizer,tooth brush, tooth paste)
for me: reading glasses, pair of binoculars, camera
hiking poles, hat


  1. Sounds like a great way to help, learn the territory, and get some great hikes in!

    1. Looks like it will be fun, meeting alot of folks, getting tracking and winter certified. I have a big season planned.