Monday, December 15, 2014

Beefing Up Winter Sleeping Bags

I loved this picture I saw on Facebook. The caption said, "Pack Light, Freeze at Night." 
My reply, "No skills, lot of chills."

When new, this sleeping bag was rated at 15 degrees and lived up to its potential. After several years of constant use and decreasing effectiveness, I washed it per manufacturers directions. However a week of testing it in the Gila, New Mexico proved it no longer kept me warm in sub- zero temps. 

With winter coming on, I've decided to utilize a second layer to beef up the bag rather than buying a negative-degree monster. I'd rather own components that can be added as the need arises, thus maintaining a versatile minimalist lifestyle.

I placed the quilt bottom side up, on top the sleeping bag for discussion purposes only, showing you that it doesn't have a hood and the footbed is significantly tighter. Previously I used this quilt as a 'topper', or alone during the summer. The lacing keeps the quilt snugged up around a sleeping pad or main bag.

As you can see, the quilt is red for easy visibility in rescue situations, and gray for stealth. Its reversible, is rated for 40 degree nights.

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