Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy New Year, Hope You Got New Gear

I'm time pressed to keep up with everything, but that's no excuse. Hope you all had a great series of holidays and look forward to the New Year like I do.
2015, bring it on. Do your damnedest.
Now that we've recovered from the sugar hangover, we're scoping out seasonal sales. Post Christmas madness should net decent gear.
Ok, the wish list includes lots of basics, cause when you're living basic, those things wear out.
Things like waterproof gloves, and tights, leggings and fleece tops.
No turtle necks, they make me feel like I'm choking. Nice long scarves for double wrapping head and neck.  Gotta love those serious wool socks.
But, hoods and pockets are prime selling points, with real zippers, not wanna be coil calamities. Unless I'm dancing in a gym, I need pockets.
By the way, that's something I learned about having a smart phone! That baby requires a serious soft pocket. Don't dare scratch the face throwing it willy-nilly in beside the keys and loose change.
Thanks for reading me this year. New adventures await.
Happy Trails.


  1. Happy New Year of Adventures to you young LADY.

    We have had the strangest weather 2014. No snow, no cold.

    This Winter's Hiking....PLB, Calk-Boots, Survival Gear, High Wind Thoughts

    So what are you exploring this (So Called) Winter.......??? I have expanded my search for caves in this area. While wishing for a Spruce Hen for the pot, No joy there. And very limited joy in the cave search either. But, still good for geriatric fools to suck some fresh air, and keep ambulatory.

    Have been making a serious effort to have the PLB with-in reach 24/7/365 even while sleeping inside the cabin. Wearing calk'boots most all this winter, what with no snow, and vile ice.

    Wanted to touch on Big Wind while in the forest. Nearly all of my hikes are either on the beach or in the deep forest. It can sometimes sound like a gun battle as the tallest trees catch the high winds and crash to the forest floor. The tallest trees here are Spruce, and most are standing dead, having been killed by Spruce Bark Beatles.

    While the wind may be 60+ MPH across the tops of the trees, it is calm or slight breeze that is experienced by the hiker wandering the forest floor. Two thoughts, first beware of the clouds, if you can see them. And second keep a searching eye looking for groves of Hemlock, especially young Hemlocks that are 4" to 8" Dia. at stump height, as this is the safe harbor area in the forest with crashing trees.

    Stay Safe

  2. Good hearing from you Sourdough, up there in Hope Alaska
    We're in Idaho, looking for adventure, and an outdoor related job. My season as a ridgerunner in Maine and joining the Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue Unit proved that's my true calling.
    Stay in touch.