Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Always a Test In Progress

On the journey to perfection, there's always a test in progress.
Currently I'm working on a "terracotta pot gentle heat system" which I first heard about up in McCall, Idaho, on a winter survival training weekend. We shared the location with Boy scouts who underwent inspections of their well built snow caves, shared their chili and listened to our presentation on Search and Rescue Missions.
According to one scout leader, a clay pot inserted and bolted inside another clay pot will gather and preserve heat from one voltive candle.
Of course, I had to take that a step further and try an ultralight burner fueled with denatured alcohol under said contraption.
Once the video is produced, I'll link it here. Test results of burner: inefficient. I had a large candle at home, but in spite of all efforts, the thing kept going out from lack of oxygen. Next test will involve real voltive candles, the kind you find at the dollar store in four packs.

Meanwhile, I was the envy of many with my REI bivy sack, which held my full length closed cell pad and sleeping bag secured inside. That night it rained, but I stayed dry, comfortable and content.
Watch the video at Winter Camp. Also, the multiple guy-out loops on this 9x5 silnylon tarp were  sweet allowing me to anchor it firmly to withstand the snow shoveled against its sides as insulation.

The Crisco candle went out after being douse with heavy rain. However, so far I'm finding it should burn continuously for 100 hours. Not bad for $2.49.

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