Friday, February 13, 2015

Look Before You Sit

In an effort to get back in hiking shape, I've been putting serious time at the local gym. I really like the place and the hours are good. Watching the calories slowly add up for the intense effort expended makes me realize how sweet backpacking is. Never have to kill myself in order to enjoy a cupcake.

I have my routine. When I get to the gym, I claim a locker, put my smart phone, ear buds, reading glasses, water bottle and wash cloth on the bench nearby. Then I change, weigh myself and groan. How did I let these pounds jump on my body?
Over the holidays, silly. All those chocolate covered yummies, nuts and drinks?
Yup, I grimace. Never again. Hiking weight is healthy weight.

Just as I prepare to lock my locker, I turned to see a massive woman sit right on my phone, washcloth, ear buds, etc. For a moment she seemed oblivious to the fact, but then, something must have finally registered. She rocked to one side, lifting a cheek, revealing my stuff. "Oh," she said, and nearly pushed my phone onto the floor.

I gathered my stuff as she repositioned herself, wondering how she lost so much sensation in her a$$.


  1. I never put stuff on the locker room bench! Lots of butts sit there!

  2. they wash the benches every night, Flo. Where do you put your stuff?

  3. I usually just carry in my purse and jacket, open locker and put it all in. I wear my gym clothes to the Y and leave in them.