Sunday, February 8, 2015

Winter Walk on Greenbelt

While waiting for various personal things to get done, I took a long walk today on the Greenbelt. This trail hugs the Boise River and is sometimes difficult to find access because the parking along the few streets it crosses is unmarked.
However, I found it at Eagle Road and River Meadow Rd. There, you cans hike west at least miles. Along the way, you'll meet bikers, roller bladers, joggers and tons of dogs.
Everyone is friendly. 
 The mountains rise in the distance while to the right, the biowaste treatment facility and other private property is fenced off. To the left is the river and fishing.

A guy parks his bike and went fishing. Unbelievably warm temperatures brought out scores of folks today. 
A sign warns of nesting herons. Its amazing how many nests were in a dozens tall trees.

One of my favorite views was of the island below. I could imagine wading out there for a picnic.

Another access points for this trail is Broadway Avenue, near the University. Beautiful homes have their backyards bordering this trail. I imagine they are equipped with alarms.


  1. Pretty hike, so glad I got out too this weekend. Mount Rainer sound awesome!

  2. Thanks Flo, the sun is such a mood booster, highly recommended!