Saturday, March 14, 2015

Search And Rescue Truck for Sale

Today, I trained with Idaho Mountain's Search and Rescue Unit.
 We learned how to set up base camp and command centers. While there, I took photos of the old truck they have for sale. Their new trucks are larger and can haul more gear. The 'old' 901 has a tag of $6,800. However, I was told that if someone came with $5,000, they could buy it.
Its a '96 Chevy. The miles and phone numbers are listed below. These guys really take care of their stuff, so I know the truck has been maintained. All funds and proceeds go to further the all Volunteer organization.

Call them if you're interested. Mention my name if you like. Its a small world. You never know who might be looking for this very rig. It would make a great backcountry camper because the sides open up, as well as the back. It can seat 5. It has the lights on top, too.

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