Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Heading to Trail-End of Stage One

After tomorrow I'll be offline for a bit as I begin my summer's adventure. Many thanks to Chef Bob for hiring me for this extraordinary experience. We've deep cleaned the kitchen, and have just a few more touches before finishing for the season. Will we return in the fall? Perhaps.

After seven months living, working and playing at Lake Yellowstone, I can say this has been the best "job" I've ever had. Bob and his fiancĂ© Barb are heading out on their own adventures, crossing the country, attending concerts, catching up on family doings. I wish all of life's goodness upon them.

The Chef wrote on the trivia board:
This dining facility was open for 209 days straight, served 627 meals to an average of 47 persons per meal, a total of 29,469 plates, all on time with only 3 workers.
Barb and I'd like to add, with no injuries, no sick days, and always on time. What a team!

I drew this map when we first got there and hung it in the dining room. When someone needed directions to some local skiing trails, they could discuss it and let us know where they were headed, just in case they didn't get back in time. We put in little notes, like "Bob's Igloo", "Carol's Place", "Lake Lodge Pub--Closed for Season", "Elephant Back-Verizon Cell Service on top at the bench, 2 miles up, 900 feet elevation gain."
When I opened my door to head to the t-v room just to get a soda, I found this 26 ounce bag of trail mix propped against my door. No notes, no names. I asked around. No one knows who gifted me. Thanks to the whole crew here. What a team. The place is gorgeous, the people are real.
A little goodbye party at the Hotel Bar. I turned on the camera and everyone opened up.

This is the new fancy bar at Hotel. All this is brand new. A couple electricians, cabinet guys, cooks, flooring, plumbers, general construction, laborers and painters, all hanging out and enjoying the camaraderie of a job well done nearing completion of Stage One.

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