Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Old Faithful to Mystic Springs Trail Head Gear Test

Today I took my full pack with water and a day's worth of food and headed to Old Faithful. I left the CDT at that complex last fall. I brought my bear spray which I clipped via carabineer to a loop on the hip belt of my new pack. This pack has been streamlined, but when I saw that loop, I left it. Good thing. Its a perfect location for the spray. Easy access and it doesn't negatively impact my stride.

Because this is also part of the training for strength and testing how this pack will load, I parked at
Biscuit Basin Trail head, headed to Old Faithful via the various back trails eventually hiking on a boardwalk. Once I hit the Inn, I knew I'd touched my point of continuation. After all, the old saying is No One can hike the Continental Divide Trail the same way. Its only 60% complete. Alternate trails abound. My goal and obsession is to be a Continuist: No missing steps connecting Canada to Mexico along the Rock Mountain spine.

I hiked along the road aways, then, because the trail to Mystic Falls was closed due to bear activity. This is common in the spring here in Yellowstone. I needed the miles for training, I felt. All told, 11 miles today, feeling great, a good gear test on a gorgeous spring day.

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