Friday, June 21, 2013

Like a Rented Mule

My base camp at Mike's place was taken down on Thursday night. The South Col tent proved to be a magnificent shelter. A four season three person tent with two vestibules, this favorite base camp tent was ideal, withstanding wind and thunderstorms. Here you can see my sleeping bag airing on the clothesline. All cooking was done near the fire ring below once the bear made his stand on Sunday. 
The solar panels on location produced 45 watts of power. Every night I wrote on my laptop for two hours. The next day, Mike turned on the panels so I could recharge. Each night he turned the converter off so the large marine battery would not be overcharged. Stay tuned for a video explaining all the aspects of solar panels at remote locations. I was sold on the entire idea. For under $200 a person can have enough power to charge phones, cameras and several laptops.

During the day I excavated at the cabin site. The dirt was hauled to raised vegetable beds I build and seeded with beans, squash and peas. It really built muscles because the cabin is located up on the south facing mountain side while the garden is below near the spring.

Thankfully some rock and dirt was used to widen the trail and plant morning glories. Mike told me how he wanted it reinforced with rebar and logs nailed together to form a solid support. I told him to work me like a rented mule before I headed back to the trail.
Early one morning, Mike asked, "You want to go for a hike?' Immediately I answered, "Sure!" Within minutes I was ready, hat, hiking poles, trail boots. I even forgot about making coffee, nearly unheard of. We hiked a mile or two and came to Battle Pass where the Continental Divide Trail crosses Highway 70. The flame was reignited. I don't like section hiking because of the logistics of getting to a specific trailhead  then back to the car parked where ever. Hitch hiking gets more dangerous and difficult every year.

Tomorrow morning I'll head back to the trail. Most of the snow has melted.

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