Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Who Is This Woman?

I started writing An End of Days two years ago. It began with a question: If TEOTWAWKI happened,  baring a natural world wide  explosion or local catastrophe, how long would it take us to find out, way  back in the mountains?
I based the main characters on the folks up in the Appalachian mountains. The villain was a neighbor. He didn't own a gun and took to  atrocities to sustain his family. He has since passed away. It sort of gave me the creeps because I killed him off in this book.
The protagonist, the main female character I gave flaws. She's an artist who has a soft heart. She gives everyone the benefit of the doubt, and isn't comfortable with firearms. After the grid goes down circumstances cause her to change dramatically.
She doesn't always trust her own judgment.She has a bad habit of leaving the keys in the ignition. Sometimes, her temper flares up and people suffer excruciatingly. She takes matters into her own hands, spontaneous combustion on a very personal way.
On June 14th, you can read this book free.
This promotion of the first book in The River Survival Series lasts for five days. If you have a Kindle Reader you can begin the journey in a post grid world where law and order belongs to the hands strong enough to grab it.

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