Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Read End of Days Free

Beginning June 14th, you can download the first book in The River Survival Series for free. Amazon.com allows authors to promote their work for five days with a give away. The promotion ends on June 18th.
for more details.
Please, leave a book review. Next month, we'll offer the second book in this series, All Hell Won't Wait.
I'm really passionate about this series. If the world systems would ever collapse, it is those who possess old fashioned skills that will survive. There are no zombies in this series, just a mess of cannibals, brutal slavers, and a government bent on retaking control no matter what.
Read more about the how and why of this four book series on the page linked at the right side bar.
A final fifth book is in progress bringing a happy closure and twist after the devastating fourth book, No Storm Like This. 

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