Friday, October 18, 2013

Blue Skies Call For a Serious Hike in Alaska

With periods of blue skies on a day off, I just had to get some real hiking done.
Not that I planned on it. I had to mail a letter at the Post Office in Girdwood. Didn't take a pack or bear spray, just headed out on the bike trail.
It was so pretty, I soon found myself heading up Crow Creek Road. I knew three miles down, it intersected with several possibilities. There's very little foot traffic now. We're between Bike season and Ski season. The color is petering out, but there's still brilliant red berries all along the paths.

This bridge crosses Glacier Creek. You can access Crow Creek road from a block past the post office via the bridge instead of going down to the Highway. Much nicer.

The snow is coming....easing its way down our mountains. The skiing is paramount here and a huge ski swap is planned for this Saturday from noon to five at the day lodge.  Good way to get quality gear and recycle too.

I'm enthralled with the various living quarters here in Girdwood. Two busses provide housing as well. Notice the stove pipes coming from the roofs. These were busses were parked along the road I hiked.
Norm's Falls, right off the Iditarod Historic Trail. Various side trails beckoned. I started down a few, turned back when they got sketchy. There's a lot of moss and few footprint. I decided to come back another day because today I wasn't equipped for getting lost or meeting any wild creatures. In fact, I hadn't even brought my hiking poles!

I'm layered up: base tights, North Face pants with plenty of pockets. On top is a pull over turtle neck, a North face hoodie with pocket and a Campmoor jacket. I wore gloves and thermo socks, with high-top Gortex boots.

I've learned, spend money on good gear. It won't let you down and over the course of several years, you save money in the long run.
Still, I do like  my stuff to "match". Most of my stuff is basic black with bright colors as accents. This helps me look reasonable, no matter if I'm in town or on the trail, cause sometimes I just do both spontaneously without preplanning.

I saw two moose as I was hiking. The photo is sort of obscure. But, they gave me the evil eye, so the best I could get was this shot:

I know. I can't see him either!

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