Monday, October 14, 2013

CB Sports-High Tech Jacket and Gear Review

I'm working at one of the most beautiful places in Alaska. I've got my free season pass all lined up to hit the slopes. End of this month there's a gear swap. Then in November, employees are given a deep discount on new gear for the winter season.
Its been raining nearly two months now. My CB Sport's jacket is really proving worth the money. According to the attached card, it said it was breathable, waterproof and all weather.

The one thing I did regret was buying white. I haven't washed it yet, but it will be needing it soon. I've worn this jacket over my chef's coat, on hikes in the back country, and to town.

Its comfortable and in spite of all the rain, I've never been soaked through and it has not become clammy inside, like many rain jackets.

The two side zippered pockets have decent closures, not flimsy and destined for breakage. The inside breast pocket has a Velcro closure, which I love. It safeguards the wallet or glasses.

This jacket was made in China, often the case in America. The entire thing is made with 100% polyester. Machine wash gentle cycle, in cold water. I'll be trying that soon.

The hood is fitted and has snap closures. Its a good fit, neither too snug or too loose. There are no draw cords to cinch it tight. Sometimes I wear a long wool scarf if its really windy and blowing rain.

According to the card attached to the jacket when I bought it, it is an "advance performance system, high tech clothing for the ultimate challenge."
So far, I love it. The white is visible which should prove useful during the long dark winter here in Alaska. Plus, it should look awesome on the slopes!

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