Thursday, October 17, 2013

Never Die Alone

I've finally finished editing and uploading my current group of non-fiction backpacking books.
Everything Except Corn Pasta  is now available in print through
Its been an eye opening experience, this rereading and rewriting the work I did two years ago.
I think I've grown as a writer. The sentences are clearer. There are fewer typos. I feel more relaxed and open. I hope you enjoy the second edition, too. 
The cookbook has many pen and ink sketches added to it. I created them years ago while living in Georgia. They deal with food, backpacking, bears, and hikers.
Seems a natural combination to me!

The cover and new content is still available at Barnes and Nobel and for digital readers. I think the paperback edition will be very useful. You can even make notes in the margins as you try stuff out.

Here at Alyeska in Alaska we are experiencing the last of our color and still, tons of rain. The locals are used to the rain forest. I'm still not really used to it.
It doesn't get light until 8 a.m. and gets dark about 6 p.m. Not bad. I've been warned the darkness wears on a person.
According to the map I have of Alaska, we'll have 6.25 hours of daylight in January.

The views are gorgeous, still. I meet women hiking with dogs on the bike paths. Everyone is bundled for the weather. Next week I'm heading up to Fairbanks. We'll write a report on that adventure.
If you like, you can check out my other blog:
for the video of a hike with Alaskan guide, Sourdough.

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