Sunday, May 22, 2011

News From Home

Working here in the Grand Tetons is very interesting. I do miss home, though and look forward to reading e-mails my life partner sent me. Recently he set up a camera to take shots of the wild hogs that have been ravaging the shooting range. The camera worked great, giving nearly 80 photos of a herd of wild hogs. I never thought so many were on the loose in our neck of the woods.

There were nursing mothers, piglets and bores. A group of approximately 15 were there when this photo was taken.

Here in the Tetons, the snow is beginning to melt off enough to allow some longer day hikes. I carry my bear spray when alone, and make noise when visibility or hearing is difficult by streams.
The rivers are up, raft trips will begin soon.

I love my Cirro Jacket by Brooks-Range. Its proven to be both comfortable, light weight, and warm. It really cuts the wind, especially on those cold morning walks to work. I wear it over my chef's coat. See the initial review on March 24, 2011 blog.

I used it while driving out to the Tetons. The zipper pockets really came in handy, without being bulky. It's one of my favorite all time jackets.

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