Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wind River Range and CDT Fantasies

Not sure what to call this, but Wind River Range Road review comes to mind.

I drove 287 north to the Grand Tetons on Friday 13th. This  road runs through the Wind River Range heading through Rawlins, to Lander, through Debois, Moran Junction to Jackson Lake Lodge.  Couldn't help but dream of the possibilities of another section on the Continental Divide Trail.

I've been section hiking the CDT since 2003, not an easy task. Fantasy calls me to Just Do It. Then Reality reminds me of the commitment bordering on obsession required to spend five months on an obscure trail some deem more of a route. After all, this trail from Mexico to Canada through the Rockies is still under construction. Nature takes its toll as well, leading to periodic destruction or rerouting. This is why the actual route has a corridor of possibilities instead of a designated Appalachian Trail Purist Following.

Anyways, back to my Friday 13 experience.
I saw three herds of wild horses. Differing from tame horses, they were running, of different shapes, colors and sizes, and were without fencing. Many groups of stabled horses live along this route.
Fields of antelope, cattle being driven down the highway by cowboys, the Wind River winding through snow covered, bronzed landscape, and so few motor vehicles I wondered if the world had stopped.
A wonderful drive even though it rained while snow melted and parking lots were still buried.
Wyoming is a wonderful place to work and visit.
The Grand Tetons in their absolute majesty greeted me after leaving Dubois. My summer home.
Jackson will be my town, I have a room mate.
I brought three books with me:
Culinary Arts: Techniques from Expert Chefs , Audubon Field Guide to the Rocky Mountains, and the mother of all fantasies, Wyoming's Continental Divide trail, the official guide.


  1. I hope you like your room mate. That can make a big difference. That's a part of the country I've always liked but it can be a tough place to live.

  2. I have to admit, Arsenisu, the dorm situation is the most challenging aspect of this experience. My first room mate snored so much, and so loudly that I had to switch due to no sleep. A tiny room for two, it was!
    Now, I have a dorm room with two others, who like it Hot. So, the adventure continues.
    The elk are migrating, and geese, so things are happening.