Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Right Pants Have Pockets

I love a pants with pockets, one which dries fast and dark colored.

Not that it has to be brand name. I have a pair of $60 North Face cargo pants, black, and they zip off at the knees. I never in two years have zipped them off.
Comfortable as can be while trailing, and traveling you can put all those necessities in the many pockets.

I found some black cargo pants at Walmart. Elastic waist, but plenty of pockets, a cotton-nylon blend.
They don't zip off.
Fabric content is key to active wear.
The other day, wet above my knees due to post holing, once back on the shore they dried quickly.
Of course, Wyoming is dry, even with rain coming in the next hour.

I have some brown corduroy cargo pants. Pretty warm, but wear is already showing in the knees. That's always a problem with corduroy. I'll wear them out, though, lots of pockets and a good stealth color.

I only wear blue jeans to town. Hiking in wet blue jeans is nasty, and one never knows what thunderstorm can roll in.

Happy trails you adventurers.

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