Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We Got Us One Helluva President

We have one helluva president. Reading about his incredible ability to "compartmentalize" on Daily Beast brings much amazement. Say what you will about his politics, he's quite the Man.
This whole world is facing some trying times. When the price of oil and scarcity is such an issue, we get the oil rig blow up in the Gulf of Mexico, the Nuclear Disaster in Japan.
Amidst the Recession that Just Won't Quit, we got whole nations needing bail outs while "communist" China holds the credit card the US has been tapping out.
There are stories of bizarre weather , Tornadoes Gone Wild, Earthquakes in Diverse Places, and a Middle East in Labor Pains of Democracy.
Then you get this major Coupe. Taking out Osama Bin Laden is historic. The guy was a terrorist long before Facebook and Twitter. He inspired, taught, preached, lived for mass murder of innocents.
So, I'm glad we have a president who is so capable of achieving big things, and can multi task, compartmentalize and is a pleasure to hear speak. The guy has game.

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