Friday, October 21, 2011

Borowitzer Report Hilarious on Occupy Wallstreet

I find Andy Borowitz hilarious. His short news stories cover political events like no other can. Check it out:

I've been invited to come camp out at a number of venue's protesting Walstreet. We've got Occupy Atlanta going on, theres the one up in New York, and I hear its spreading across the country. Personally, I'd like to go Occupy Key West.

I know they need some Occupying going on cause housing down there is unaffordable for folks like me. Especially in the upcoming season if I'm going to commit to a tent for any length of time, its going to be south of the Mason Dixie line, youbetcha.

I'd like to see Occupy Manhattan (Walstreet or anywhere's north) in about a month. Hell's about to freeze over. Will there be bon fires and space heaters?

Interesting stuff. I see mostly dome tents, free standing. Easy to move, too. Just unstake them, and carry the structure as is. Soon the grass will be dead beneath.

I'm not saying I support or dis the movement, I'm saying its not sustainable. These rich folks know it, too, so time is on their side.

Looking forward to the Halloween scene in Gatlinburg. Hope to post photos here , stay tuned.

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