Thursday, October 27, 2011

Minimalist Lifestyle Lends Itself to Survival

I am friends with Treehugger on facebook. That means I get neat links to stories like this:

Yesterday I read a story at that site about a sixteen year old who is building himself a portable 130 sq. foot home. It will cost him $2,500 and eliminate the rental and mortgage problem as he goes on to college, then finds a job and settles down. It will make him available for various jobs nation wide.

The key here, of course, is minimalism. If a person can keep their gear down to manageable size they can easily live in 130 square feet. However, if a person needs a host of different products for bathing, washing, and house cleaning, for example, all those things take space.

Minimalism is an art form, in backpacking, traveling, lifestyles.

With the economy so challenging, its becoming the fashion. Good thing for the planet, too.

My little studio is 12 x 16. The livable space is nearly 180 square feet. With the addition of this wood burning stove, I can use this space all winter long with no heating costs. There's a full size bed, electricity and wifi.
Its not portable, however, but look at my yard. Color is peak.
This photo makes the studio look like its slanting. But, believe me, its level. The company that brought it out 5 years ago leveled it and installed hurricane anchors.

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