Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Walking Dead, A Movie Review

No, this is not a zombie. Its a neighbor man hiking in the woods. His photo was shot with a trail camera.
This is me as a zombie Personal Chef. Halloween Party, a karaoke night, brought out the best or worse in us.

The Walking Dead is an AMC series filmed in Atlanta. The first season, 2010 had only 6 episodes.

44 minutes is a good amount of time to explored this theme. The premise of a devastating virus on the loose infects live people who are bitten or scratched by the walking dead. These zombies can smell the live humans, can hear all the sounds of mechanical and human device, but can not speak. This is a valuable piece of information. Talk if someone is about to shoot you because you're dripping blood from someplace.

The series is gruesome enough for all thrill seekers. We have a cop as a hero who is near fatally wounded and left for dead in a local hospital. He wakes to find the place deserted, zombies clamoring behind a chained door, and dead folks lying head to toe, rows upon rows on the loading dock.

We have some survivors holing up near a quarry, camping and sending supply parties back into Atlanta. We have rescues going on, and likable people getting overrun and eaten. Funny how the flesh always stretches into elastic gory messes.

But, I'm "enjoying" the series and will look for the next season of this.
Happy Halloween.
Go eat some candy.

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