Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Morning of Facebooking

Who says Facebooking is a waste of time?

This morning I saw two things of intellectual interest, read a wonderful poem a friend of mine read, caught up on family photos, posted my one liners and saw this great photo below. I love the download button which lets a person share the photo with others not in their facebook friends.

And because I Like Bankrate, I get messages and articles from them.
This article deals with the question, Should we teach our kids, hell, even Require our kids to learn personal finance in school.

Yes, yes, yes. I'll even take the class. How to buy a home, how to buy a car, how to make investments, how to budget, deal with snooty banks, avoid getting ripped off. There's a ton of valuable information we need that is way more important that advanced algebra. I must admit, anyone taking advanced algebra probably knows enough math to figure out a budget, but learning about all the hidden costs of buying a home would be a safe guard against the epidemic of foreclosures our country faces now.

The air is warming and I'll go enjoy my daily walk in the woods.

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