Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Black Death Movie Review

I watched the 2010 movie, Black Death, this afternoon and was amazed by the artistry. Its a dark film, a horror flick which takes 1.5 hours to unfold a disturbing tale of bubonic plague in 1348 England.

The producers give us the whys and how of revenger and torture at the hands of the Church and conterculter village. We see everything from guttings to drawn and quarter, burning, and torturous elements of water.

Not to worry, most of the imagery is suggested and not as graphic as some new movies, like Walking dead where flesh is eaten in rubbery fashion.

Anyways, I enjoyed it and felt it was poetic in revealing the maniac passion humans have had for religion.

The scenery reminds me of a walk along the Chatooga, beautifully photographed. The teeth of our army and monk are yellowed, the dead and dying are grotesque. Very realistic. I hate it when everyone had blinding white teeth in an apocalyptic setting. Really.

The monk is the good guy here, but be advised, the twist at the end is very good.

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