Thursday, November 17, 2011

Potato Research and the Wikipedia

I absolutely love Wikipedia. In one place you have tons of information, links, photo, history and bibliography. I was researching potatoes for a survival test project and was not disappointed.

This is my garden in spring. We had a marvelous crop of tomatoes.

One thing especially caught my attention: growing them in a bag.
The garden here has been put to bed, and now leaves are being layered to create more depth and looser medium.

I still don't think its loose enough for potatoes. Check out the photo of the potato bag set up at:

My grandparents grew tons of potatoes. I remember picking them out of the soil when the harvest was ready. They'd turn the soil to expose the spuds, making it easier than with a shovel.

The bag thing would be wonderful. I'm getting a potato tomorow, and letting the eyes grow out.

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