Sunday, November 13, 2011

Path of the Rabbit Under Full Moon

I've finished the third book in the End of Days series.

It is available now at . I should also be available at Barnes and Nobel soon.
Writing it was an incredible experience. I really delved into the post grid down scenario and readers say this is my best work yet.
I'm like the rabbit, whose self preservation is a Look before you Leap variety. The first book in this series, A Measured Response, began at that level. The middle book, Journey North, shows the main character evolving her self defense, until at last in the final book we see a proactive approach.

The Calendar Keeper

The entire series began with the thought: what if the world ended as we know it, with the Grid Down and a few natural disasters to help it along. Living way out here in the wilderness, on top a mountain, how long would it take for us to find out?

The first sign would be no power. That's happened before, for several days at a time, so at first we wouldn't worry.
After a few days, we'd go into town and then there would be rumors, no power, sketchy government interaction. Of course, folks who live in town would know something is up, but perhaps the hoarding and violence would take a while to become widespread.

This morning, having finished and uploaded my latest work, I relaxed in my studio and caught some early photos.

These were taken about seven a.m, just as the sun was rising.

I found this blog to be very inspirational and informative: If you are an aspiring author, run over there and give it a look. She turned me on to the Barnes and Nobel e-book for Nooks and other applications. I am working on my account, making the five books I've written thus far available.

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