Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The New Streaming Movie Box

If you've never heard of Roku, you're not the only one.

Until just a few months ago, I woulda swore it was a Japanese dish, or stir fry or something.

Turns out, this little contraption sells for just Fifty bucks and can be plugged into any t-v. It comes with its own remote which enables you to open up a whole new world.

I don't make a cent writing this, so its totally unbiased. My guy just bought his second one so that the t-v on the table, the t-v in the bedroom, and the t-v in the living room all have access to 350 channels. Now, its true, some of the channels you have to subscribe to, like Netflix or Hulu plus. But there are tons of channels that are free, everything from food and games to news and foreign language.

Its pretty cool, because now instead of paying for a separate satellite receiver in the back room so I can watch a chick flick while my dude is watching baseball, I can just fire up the roku device and pick out one a hundreds on netflix, or if there's something on digital video you want to see.

Course, my pc gets netflix also, but it doesn't have the 42 inch screen.  is the web address

When you're watching something like Breaking Bad, the bigger the screen, the Badder it Breaks.

Yeah, what he said.

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