Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Grandkids Loved It!

I wrote my first children's book. Its only 30 pages and each page has a photo, nearly all of them from the trail camera installed near here by my friend. I child tested the text and combination by sending  the file to my daughters. Looks like thumbs up. Course, maybe they were just being nice.

Wild Neighbors
Its only 99 cents at

Hi Mom, I just wanted to write and tell you thank you so much for the children's book you sent. It is a huge hit in our house!!! B**** loves the animal pictures, and so does I****. We've been very busy and have had company this whole time, but we've been talking about the pictures and the camera, and she would listen to me read the book and look at the pictures ten times a day if she could! That was a neat idea for the kids.

Awesome, Mom! I can't believe all those great photos! And you have a good, informative story line there too. :) I will show B**** when he wakes up. Do you think you might print these on hard copy, or is that alot of work and/or expensive? Very creative, as always.

Hi Mom,
S*** and C**** loved the book and all the pictures. We were amazed at all the wildlife you have so close to you.

And another  review  came in:
I down loaded Wild Neighbors and both me and my kids loved it. The pictures David took are terrific and it is amazing the variety of wildlife in your backyard!--Flo

It was fun creating this work, my family lives across the country. Thank god for internet.

(I blocked out the kids names, just because.)

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