Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fresh Beats Fried Who Knew

I personally  never thought the day would come when Subway beat out McDonald's in total locations.
According to Time Magazine, by the end of 2010, home of the foot long for $5 had 33,749 locations while McDonald's had 32,737.

They say this is the "world's biggest restaurant chain" in terms of locations, not sales or pounds of aficionados.

No problem, I love Subway. They have this great bread and fix the sandwich right before your eyes with gloved hands. Wrapped in a nice paper instead of Styrofoam, a couple napkins, and its pretty low on the carbon footprint scale, one would think.

My only "beef" with them is not all locations serve coffee after noon.  Hopefully, this winter when its cold, we can have a hot beverage with our meal. But, hey, don't do it just for me, Subway Owners. I seldom eat out anyways.

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