Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Season Worker in Fabulous Places

is my go to spot for checking out seasonal jobs in all sorts of cool places, like national parks, resorts, cruise ships, dude ranches, trail building. You name it.

I've been attracted by several very cool spots up in Alaska, many very remote. Some are even caretaker positions.

I'm currently holding the fort for two weeks while my partner is in Mexico. My plan was to write for those entire two weeks, thereby testing the concept of no human face contact for the entire time.

Reality check. This is harder than one would think. I'm realizing one or two good buds on a remote job is pretty nice. I'll take this experience into consideration when putting in apps.

Bottom line, if I dont end up in Yellowstone this summer, look for me in Alaska, home of the wild, free and crazy. Pretty good selling points in my book.

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