Friday, January 13, 2012

Will Destroy the Planet For Jobs

I just watched the morning edition of CNN, called Morning Start. My guy is off to Coz getting in some diving and dentistry, I support him whole heartedly.

This makes my day open for all sorts of spontanaity, like getting up at 5:30 and watching the news. Seems like there are less commercials, or if not, I'm just still sleepy enough not to care.

Anyways, one of the huge stories was the Fracking in Ohio causing, or dam well looking like its causing, Earthquakes.
 They interviewed a bunch of people, and took some time on the question. 50,000 jobs have been lost in the last 30 years in that state. Its in dire straits economically, like all of us. America does need alternative fuel sources. With this imploding Iran situation, and possible 20% oil flow stoppage due to the canal being blocked, doesn't it make sense to develop our resources, any resources, at any cost?

Hell no.
Not in my books. I guess drilling 9,000 feet and dumping a ton of water down there as part of the fracking process is problematic. So far, the 4.0 seismic activity is "tolerable". We can handle that. We need jobs.

I'm concerned we may be letting Pandora outta the box. We are little humans in a vast universe. You can open a hole you might not be able to fill.
Earthquakes can cause some serious shit if there are nuclear facilities nearby. What is nearby?

How can we know this, what long term effects are there for upsetting our base, the ground all of our cities are perched on?

So, ask me. What are the answers?
Minimalism. I love the Internet. We don't have to give up anything, or anyone. Downsizing. How many square feet of housing does a person need to heat, cool, furnish, insure, redecorate?
How many clothes need to crowd a closet, shoes in boxes and toys in sheds we haven't used in years.

Downsizing, in all aspects. Losing weight is downsizing. That helps with food costs, transportation costs.

I find the easiest plan for serious downsizing is stay out of stores until I NEED something. Before I really go buy that something, I look around. Maybe I already have something to fill that need. I'm not against having stuff. Just the unquenchable drive for energy and incessant production of crap that is killing our planet, hense, ourselves.

I'm worried about our constant drive for energy. Think Japanese nuclear meltdown, gulf oil fiasco, massive oil spills, a pending military confrontation, coal mine distruction of the landscape, and now, earthquakes?  Really?

There's the thought we need energy so we can buy shit to pull our economy out of the toilet. This flagrant consumerism got us in the toilet.

How do I fight this? Minimalism.

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