Monday, January 16, 2012

Why Go Out There?

My Daughter put this on her facebook status:

Family hike up Badger Mt. today. Thought it was pretty sad that I've lived here 6 years and haven't done any real hiking, but my dear husband has lived here most of his life and has never hiked any of these hill/mountains either (why would you hike when you own a car??) lol

I was stunned~ Where had I gone wrong? I posted my status:

You got me wound up! Why would you hike up a remote mountain, to look over a gorgeous valley, why would you sleep in a tent 50 miles in the wilderness, why would you cross a glacier melt? Holy cow, because you can, because its there, because its so fantastic, because when you're stuck in a wheel chair or nursing home and you can't least you DID.

Of course, comments flowed that Mom was right, they were hikers, and really, of course it was worth the effort. I love my family, but the most powerful times of my life have been on the trail. When Rainmaker and I hit the Canadian Border on the Pacific Crest Trail, I knew nothing would ever be the same.

I wrote this little poem while hiking in the Northern Cascades, August 29:

Up In the heights I walk the ridge,
Look way below and see the bridge,
I crossed that log this early morning,
In spite of all dayhiker warnings
Wind blowing through my hair,
an eagle cries.
I'll soon be there.
Never be tame Again.

So There, People!

My New Years Goal: Do something Memorable.

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  1. What a great hike she shared. I love it when my kids ask when we can go camping again! Your poem is great, I can't wait til retirement to do some long hikes of my own.