Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Journey Available In Print

I've finally arranged for My Journey to Freedom and Ultralight Backpacking to be available, on demand, at CreateSpace.


The cover is a little different because of their formatting and help, but the interior is the same, except for a little improved editing.

I'm working now on An Ultralighter's True Trail Stories-beyond the Journey. I hope to have it available, for the first time ever, in paperback, as well. It is the second book in the Journey Series. You can still buy it for Kindle or Nook e-readers through Amazon.com or Barnes and Nobles. Just follow the links at the right side bar.

As I prepare my books for print, I'm editing out misspellings that somehow escaped me the first time around. At the same time, I'm adding more stories and details to the work. Please write a review if you have a few minutes. My goal is to help inspire people to enjoy life, take some risks, and never give up.

I've just returned from a road trip, beginning in Idaho, going through Canada and back to my job here in Alaska. The first photos can be found at http://thefemalesurvivalist.blogspot.com

I'll be detailing the actual route here, tomorrow. Thanks to all my readers for their support and encouragement.


  1. This is still my how-to for hiking short and long. We've moved into a camper, and I'm going on a backpacking trip, and was chagrined to find I left "MyJourney" in a box of books in storage! Fortunately I found the gear list on one of your other pages. I've got a lot of it in my memory but really wanted the written checklist!

  2. Thanks, Ellie. I'm interested in your lifestyle. You moved into a camper?

    I'd like to try that soon, some day, and do campground hosting.

    e-mail me at we-be-chillin2@yahoo.com if you want