Monday, September 23, 2013

Video of Trails In Alyeska, Alaska

Hiking up behind the Resort is breathtakingly beautiful. There are wild creatures. I've encountered a black bear and porcupine. Both times I was hiking with a friend who likes to hunt treasures.

Now that I have my mountain bike on location, I have several choices for recreation: hiking, biking, and soon, skiing. Stay tuned. Rain gear is paramount, still, to enjoying Alaska.


  1. Such great trails at a breathable altitude! Lots of mud to play in. Hope you put the green bike kit to use. The shorts are very comfortable to ride in and the Jersey pockets have room for bear spray, phone and wallet. They work well under fleece or rain gear too and dry fast.

  2. Well, way too cold for shorts now, Flo, everyone is in multiple layers. When that mud hits, its Freezing!

    Yes, but thanks for the gift, they will be fun to use next summer!