Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sharing the Best-My Go-To Cookbook

My favorite go-to cookbook is finally available in Print. Just follow the link below to order yours.
Included in this updated version are more stories, recipes and strategies for cooking for a crowd. Bonus material has been added from my man camp  experience up in Yellowstone National Park.
CreateSpace eStore: The Cookbook Project-Sharing the Best

This book would make a great gift too for Christmas. Each page has a  little extra space below for adding notes and your own recipes. This is a family friendly cookbook with recipes for those on a budget, too.


  1. Just ordered my paper copy today! Looking forward to preparing the new recipes. I need to do more home cooking and fewer meals on the go and this is perfect.

  2. Thanks Flo, having a book in actual print is pretty good, especially a cook book where you can make notes.

    Please leave a review after you see it, ok. I think the space in the extra pages will help, too.