Sunday, October 26, 2014

Brooks-Range Gear Review

I've owned this jacket for three years. Its my favorite jacket for both traveling and base camping, mainly because its so light and warm. Its amazing how quickly this one piece of gear could make a difference at base camp, deep in the 100 mile wilderness.

You can read my initial review on the Female Survivalist Blog by clicking on this link:

I like the fact is is so comfortable, I can sleep with it on and not feel bound or constricted. So far, its not been washed, and the down remains fluffy.

The only problem I've had is the pocket zippers. The coil zippers are extremely small and broke a year ago. The pockets are still serviceable, but care must be taken so slippery items, like silnylon ditty bags are not lost. My gloves stay put quite well.

If I bought another one, I would get the hooded jacket.

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