Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wrongful Resupply

One last ridgerun north, up and over Gulf Hagas mountain, to Sidney Tappen Campsite. It makes for a sweet 14 mile day. Only a bit of abandoned gear is there, making my day pack just a little heavier because its also soaked.

Parts of Maine look the same, spring or fall. Mossy trunks and roots cover the ground like a surreal fairyland.

Then you have the combination effect. Mossy roots surrounded by tons of fallen leaves. 
Once I even headed down a water drainage bar, the leaves were so thick it obscured the trail. Not to worry. No white blazes are on the water bar trail. I return, head south over padded ground.

The next morning, just after daylight, I notice two plastic bags on the south side of the river. I cross in my black rubber boots. A bit of river overcomes the top. The West Pleasant is nearly knee deep and cold as Hades.

I groan. Can't believe my eyes. Here, on the ground, is a resupply. The receipt is inside. Thirty five bucks of food. A name it taped to one bag. Now conflicted, do I remove this animal attractant? A resupply should always be hung, off the landing, in waterproof bag, as you would a bear bag.
But, if I remove this, if/when the hiker shows up, she will not have her food for the next 70 miles.

Its not right. We've been warned, if this were "trail magic" I'd probably remove it. This is completely against all Leave No Trace Principles. 
Inspired to make a video, Wrong way to resupply I talk about the issues behind random food drops.

And really, the Hundred Mile Wilderness should be treated as such, in my humble opinion. Its the grand finale, leading to the Holy Mountain. I'm wondering, if a poll were taken, how many have done it this year without a resupply.


  1. I'd remove it, leaving a note as to where it can be found but not knowing the lay of the land that might not be a real option for you.

    1. I return to the Gulf tomorrow morning. Lets see if there is a mound of trash or nothing. All the thru hikers are about through there by now.