Friday, October 24, 2014

End Of Season Gear Reviews

Having finished my stint as a Ridgerunner in Maine's Hundred Mile Wilderness, I'd like to report on some of my favorite pieces of gear.

Two pairs of footwear immediately rise to the top of my favorite, much used gear.

I purchased these boots in Rangely, Maine. They cost $130 bucks. I've worn them alot and there's still good tread on them.
Although not as waterproof as I would have liked, these Keen boots felt terrific, regardless of the long miles or steep climbs.

These rubber boots I purchased late in September were wonderful for those nearly frozen water crossings. Sometimes, even though I knew the high water would go over the top, I still used them because the wool socks inside still kept my feet warm. Once on the other side, the deep tread allowed me to slog along the muddy trail, checking campsites.

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