Saturday, November 20, 2010

Armed for Anything

Today I was getting ready for my morning hike. Planning on some bushwacking, some sitting around enjoying views, listening to my mp3 player.
But, suddenly, a uproarious barking was heard, at least three different positions. Unusual. It is Saturday, hunting season, and we are surrounded by National Forest. OK, there's bound to be hunters out today, with dogs. There's a least one momma bear and her rolly polly cub, one Daddy bear, one doe and her fawn, and a couple coyotes in these woods. Maybe those dogs have scared something up.
I put my bear spray in my possibles bag and slung it over my shoulder, grabbed my two solid hiking poles, donned plenty of bright red clothing, and headed out.
No signs of life other than a discarded fast food breakfast wrapper, a couple dislodged rocks.
I practiced climbing a pine tree, just in case a crazy bunch of dogs or coyotes came round the bend. Last thing you want to do is fall with that endeavor and end up on the ground. Chose your tree carefully.
Its good to feel a measure of power, or capablity of self defense. Too much bad news lately, wild animal attacks, people getting desperate.
I practiced my defense moves, and enjoyed my adventure.
I read that no one can give you security, you do that for yourself.

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