Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dome Tent Repair Sleeves From Old Hiking Pole

I made some pole repair sleeves for a dome tent today. My hiking pole was busted and not worth repairing. When the pole for the dome tent broke, I sawed the saved middle section of my old hiking pole into a 4.5 inch length, and sanded it with steel wool.

Making sure there were no sharp edges on my repair sleeve, I threaded it onto the pole and over the break. I then eased the pole back into a dome configuration. Back in business.

I seldom carry dome tents. The one I'm working with now is a winter tent, sent to me for gear testing. It is a South Col,by High Peak, and other than the broken pole, I am quite impressed with the size and features. A full initial report will be posted at:

I cut 3 more lengths of repair sleeves while I had my tools out, sanded them to perfection and am adding them to the stake bag of this tent.

Just in case.

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