Thursday, November 4, 2010

Make Cordage Free

I just updated the Hobo Series page at this blog. Five videos are embedded now on this page from my YouTube channel.
They are:
The Cook set, The Ultralight Packless System, the Backpacking Hobo Stove, the Slow Burning Soda Can Stove, and now, Making Free Cordage.
Seems like there are always an abundance of plastic bags floating around. Things get shipped in them, we carry out groceries in them, we line our packs with them. They get holes in them, we use them for packaging materials when shipping things in boxes across the country.
Every once in awhile a person wants a craft project. Or just need some cordage to stake out a tarp, guy out a tent, tie down a trunk when hauling an over sized purchase. I created this video after making a bunch of cordage from plastic bags because it was so successful and free.
Winter projects are good ways to keep busy without spending too much time in front of t-v, searching for something of value.
Its impossible to watch the Real Housewives shows. Don't get me started on that nonsense!

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