Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turn Off the Phone

Watching a news story about a woman whose mother was killed by a distracted driver using a cell phone, brings to mind the simple request:
Please turn off your phone while you're driving.
Studies show that driving and talking on the phone is as dangerous as driving drunk. It doesn't even matter if its a hands free phone.
So please, don't try to use your phone, or text, or twitter. Turn it off.
It won't ring, you won't be tempted to answer it, you won't be tempted to check messages.
I've always held this view. I'd get a call from my daughter, and we'd be talking fine. Suddenly, she'd be upset, and say, Someone just cut me off!
I'd tell her, call me back when you get home. I love talking to my people, but not when either of us is on the road.
Save a life, a limb, your future.
Please turn off your phone.

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